FO’s & WIP´s: May 2016

This month I’ve been working lots of projects. Last year I proposed myself to buy less clothes and expand my handmade wardrobe. One of my promises about the handmade wardrobe was to not buy any commercial knitted item. So I’ve been designing some sweaters for this winter, but the winter arrived very soon this year and I realise that I needed an extra sweater really soon. Last year year I bought Home and Away book by Hannah Fettig and I really love all designs. But I didn’t have the time to make one.

bookcover_022715_small2All the designs in this book are very wearables and the instructions came seamless and with seems, yo choose the construction.. What a great idea!!!! I decided to make Lesley for me (is the pullover from the cover).

I didn’t make it plain, because I love color and I wanted some stripped pullover (always remember that a pattern is just a guide and you can make it yours).I worked it seamless and after I finished the neck and shoulders shaping I start knitting it in 3 stripes with one stripe with YO to add some texture… (just because simple Stockinette st bored me).Lesley

I’m super pleased with the result. Despite the YO stripe doesn’t match exactly in the raglan increase part (I was too lazy to do the math). I love my new Lesley.


Another FO in this month was my socks! Finally, I finished my first PAIR of socks. (please check my last post about my sock knitting issues). The pattern used was Lace Stockings by Faina Gorbestein. They are so beautiful that I don´t want to wear them, just watch them for hours, like a paint.


What’s in my WIP? I’m working in Chainlink Tunic by Norah Gaughan. This is request from my mother. I’m doing the size 49. I just started it, but I can say it’s an amazing pattern, not as complex as it looks and its very motivating. It’s my first time working with Brooklyn Tweed yarn and I’m just in love with it. I’m using Loft in postcard color.


About my original patterns I can’t show you them yet, but next month come with lots of new releases!!!

Hope your May was as productive as mine, and if is not, you can be inspired by this post to start making your handmade wardrobe!!!

With Love,  Marce


PS: I’m still running my #memaymade sale on ravelry until 31st of May!!





Indie Gift-A-Long Day 3


Day 3 of the Gal!!!.. It has been so much fun!!!! I have my first FO.. But before I show you my FO, I’m going to talk about 4 interesting designers.

Nancy Whitman, she is US designer, and her site is WhitKnits. She have some amazing geometric shawl designs.. They are very interesting and georgeous!!! If you want to try something really different, you MUST try one of her designs.


Gabrielle Danskknit, she is a Canadian designer. She has beautiful babies and kids patterns.. Her pictures and designs are awesome!!! If you are looking patterns for babies or kids, she is your designer.


Elena Fedotova she is from Ukraine but now she is living in Montenegro and her site is A Cup Of Stitches. She is a crochet designer. I looove crochet an her designs are beautiful and classy. You will be tempted to try one!

GAL lena 04

And the last one for the day is Gege à la Gomme . She is a Canadian designer and her site is Gege a la Gomme. Her designs are colorful, trendy and sophisticated.. She also have some gorgeous men designs to rock your partner world!!!


I also want to show you my first FO of the GAL2015… I made the Silken Leaves Lace Hat from Loraine Birchall. Beautiful, easy to follow and well written pattern. I soo happy with the results!!!! I really love my FO!!!




Don’t you think that is a really nice pattern?!!

Hope you like the designers selection of today and my gorgeous FO!!!

With love, Marce