The Uniscarf


Today issue 56 of Knit Now Magazine is on sale!!!! Finally I can show you my Project for this issue: The Uniscarf!!!!

Issue 56 of Knit Now is all about great low budget patterns.  The issue is full of amazing patterns with beautiful low cost yarns..


Some of my favorites are the Lighthorne Jumper by Amanda Collins, the Mullion Skirt by Claire Slade and The Uniscarf by me !!!!

You will love this issue!!!!

With Love, Marce



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Colorwork Hats e-book

Hi knitters!!!

Finally the last two patterns of the Colorwork Hats e-book are ready!!!

colorwork hats

Swirl is a two color hat  with a diagonal effect pattern. Choose contrast colors to emphasize the efect!!


And Mountain is a cheating fair isle because  colorwork pattern was made  with a self-striped yarn. Great idea if you don’t want to deal with more than 2 yarns at one time.


I also included in the book blank templates of each pattern so you can play with your colored pencils before knitting and try different color combinations.

Enjoy this collections and start making yur X-mas gift… Remember that X-mas is coming (and Winter too)!

With love, Marce

6 ready… 2 more to go!!

hi knitters!!!!

Is Colorwork Hats pattern reléase!!!! Today has been born.. Geometric Style and Southern Star hat.

Geometric Style pattern plays with color and texture, so get those yarn leftovers and start kniting with me!!!

DSC01822 DSC01837

Southern star is a fair isle pattern. If you never have tried this technique, this is a great project for that!!

DSC01785 DSC01806

Hope you like this one…

With love, Marce

New patterns for Colorwork Hats E-book

Hi knitters!!!

Today I release  two more patterns in the Colorwork Hat e-book collection.

Ace of Diamonds is unisex hat with a classic and stylish colorwork pattern, that fits in all kind of wardrobes.


And Lucky Clover for those who need an amulet in their life! 🙂


The next two patterns will be release next thursday!!!

Don’t forget: Colowork Hat e-book is a great deal= 8 patterns x 8 USD!!!!

With Love, Marce


Hi my dear knitters!!!

These time I have a bunch of news for you… First of all, I just release a new e-book, Colorwork Hats. Its a 8 patterns hat collection for play with colorwork. The first two patterns were released today and the next 6 patterns will be publish in the next 3 weeks. So you’ll have 2 patterns every week in October. Get ready your X-mas list and start knitting hats for your family!

The patterns are Cat Lover and Puerto Fuy.


The second news is that I have a yarn kit for these two patterns in my Etsy shop. The kit includes the patterns a enough yarn to make both patterns. And the shipping is worldwide. Also I will Include a coupon code so you can download the book for free on Ravelry…

Other news is that I have a group on ravelry…Brand new group!!! so  to celebrate, I will raffle 4 buttons among people who join the group in October

.DSC01328So join the group here… Maybe you are the lucky winner!!!!

Hope you like the news… (also I’m changing the blog… but its been very hard work..). You can buy the patterns alone in my Ravelery page.

Keep knitting, Winter is coming….

With love Marce.

Buttons or not Buttons?

This is one of the main questions when you decide to design a cardigan (or just knit one). Just, because implies things such as buttonband, buttonholes and choosing buttons (correct weight, correct color etc). Today, I’m going to talk about choosing buttons for a project.

There is plenty of buttons in market, different shapes, materials, colors, etc. I have a huge collection of them, but now I’m going to show you those I found in non-traditional places. I love these buttons because they tells stories and bring me back memories of travels or persons who has giving them to me.


These buttons I found it, 15 years ago, the first time I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the San Telmos’s Antiques Market, they cost me a penny (less than a dollar), and they were from an old pearl button factory, who has closed in the sixties. I use them a in a lot of project, and I regret not having bought more. I’ve been in Buenos Aires several times, and never found them again.


The first button picture are gifts from my family and friends who has  bought to me different buttons in local craft markets, were they have been, some came from Pucón, Icalma lake, Villarica etc, and they are made with native trees wood. The second one, I bought them in a local craft market in El Bolsón and I had to smuggling them because we are not aloud to bring wood from Argentina.

DSC01322 DSC01324

You also can make your own buttons, I have the machine, but you can go to your local craft store or to your tailor, and they can make them for you. The fun here is you can recycle some old clothes or buy some beautiful fabric (e.g. quilting fabric) and make the size of button you want.


I found this in my LYS, a few month ago, they are ceramic buttons, but they are very light weight, so they can be used in knitted fabric. I think they are very fancy, and I love the bright colors of them.

Last week, I finished a cardigan, and I wanted buttons to stand out of the cardigan, so I remembered the ceramic buttons I has bought, but they were to big for my cardi, so I went back to my LYS to buy a similar button but small.


I bought these beautiful heart shaped ceramic buttons, but the problem was the artist only make 2 of them and I needed 7, so I had to improvise. I really love the shape and the color was exactly what I was looking for, so I bought all heart shaped buttons who has the pink color on it.


I use them mixed in the cardigan, I’ll not show you the complete cardigan because is not up in Ravelry yet, but Im going to show you some parts, so you can get the idea.


They look very well together, despite the fact that they are all different designs, that is because they share color and shape.

So, when you choose buttons, be creative, it can be a plus for your knitting project. And there is lots of sources where you can find the right button to your project (vintage stores, craft markets, old clothes) and if you don’t find they right color, you can also paint them or dye them (that’s for another tutorial). Don’t get stuck because of a button! 🙂

With love, Marce

80 skeins Interview

Hi knitters!!!

Some time ago,  a very talented lady Kimberly Golynskiy  (80skeins), came to me with an excellent idea. She wanted to interview different designers around the world, to know how they live, how is their country and their city and how is their process of knitting design.

She ask me if I wanted to be part of this, and I couldn’t say no to that amazing Project.

Today my Interview was released, and I only can be grateful for this great opportunity. There is so many countries and great designers she has been interviewed. You can’t miss the opportunity to travel with her with 80skeins around the world, you’ll be surprised!!!!

Here are the links for the Interviews she already  did:


and if you want to know a little more of me and my country, here is the link to my Interview:


PS: in december we will celebrate with a great promo…. Viva Chile!!!!