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80 skeins Interview

Hi knitters!!!

Some time ago,  a very talented lady Kimberly Golynskiy  (80skeins), came to me with an excellent idea. She wanted to interview different designers around the world, to know how they live, how is their country and their city and how is their process of knitting design.

She ask me if I wanted to be part of this, and I couldn’t say no to that amazing Project.

Today my Interview was released, and I only can be grateful for this great opportunity. There is so many countries and great designers she has been interviewed. You can’t miss the opportunity to travel with her with 80skeins around the world, you’ll be surprised!!!!

Here are the links for the Interviews she already  did:


and if you want to know a little more of me and my country, here is the link to my Interview:


PS: in december we will celebrate with a great promo…. Viva Chile!!!!

The Yarn Heaven!!!


Last week i went to the yarn heaven of Araucania Yarns in Michelle Boisier Atelier

I bought a ton of yarn with beautiful colors and texture, and have a great conversation with Michelle. She is a very nice person and was very helpful to buy yarn with her.

She also make knitting clases, so visit her Facebook page for info.



She also have Juniper Moon ( I bought a very nice red color for a Pullover pattern) and Noro.


And I bought some very nice and luxury fingering weigth yarn for  more shawls ( I have a shawl addiction, so always i need more)

Now I’m very busy designing, but always is the same thought in my head: Did I have enough yarn? I think no!