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Last Minute X-Mas Gift


The days have gone fast… Is almost X-mas… So today I’m going to share with you quick and free projects for a last minute gift.

Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith is one of my favorite of this year. Is the cutest hat on earth…. This could be a great gift for anyone!!!


GAP-tastic Cowl  by Jen Geigley  is quick to make and looks beautiful.. Great for any wardrobe!


Conversationalist  by Plucky Knitter, this hat pattern is excellent for the stash leftovers…Also is a great beginner hat pattern!!!


Bluebird of Happiness  and Gingerbread Boy by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. This are is so beautiful… I think it would be great for the X-mas tree!


Simple Garter Stitch Slippers by Hanna Levaniemi. I love slippers… they are great gifts!!!

simple garter st slippers

And the last one is one of my first designs.. Knot Infinite Scarf is a great leftover pattern, great for play with diferent colors and yarn weights!!!!


There is still time, my Friends, to make the last minute gift!!! So, let’s do it!!

With Love, Marce

Indie Gift – A- Long Final Day


Today is the last day of discount in the GAL2015… I have 3 UFO’s that I want to end by monday so no pictures today.. Just knit..

The designers of today are the second half of the cheerleaders and brains behind the curtains of the GAL2015.

Jennifer Dassau, she is a US designer and her site is The Knitting Vortex. She has amazing colorwork shawls and cowls. She also design beautiful garments for women.


Lindsey Stephens, she is a US designer and her site is Poetry in Yarn. She has knit and crochet designs. I love her beaded beret.. It’s gorgeous!!!


Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren, she is a British designer and her site is A Little Bit Sheepish. She is the designer of the sock lovers.. Her patterns are fabulous!! I have them on my list!!!


Triona Murphy, she is a US designer and her site is Triona Desings. She has all kind of patterns and my favorites are the garments.. Her patterns has  great fit!!


Sarah jane Jackson, she is from Australia. She has the coolest steampunk line of patterns.. I’m in love with her designs.


Sharon Boswell , she is also from Australia, and her site is Swanning About with Yarn . She is a knit and crochet designer. her designs are very textured but also minimalist..


Karen Troyer Ladman , seis a US designer, and her site is Special K Knits. She has beutiful mitt patterns with colorwork, cables, slip stitches… Mitts for all tastes.


Talitha Kuomi , she is a US designers and her site is Talitha Kuomi. I love her designs. They have clean lines and are very classy and timeless. They can fit in any wardrobe.


Today is the last day of the Indie Gift-A-Long 25% discount, so don’t miss the opportunity to get it!

I also have designs on discount, if you want to see them please follow the link here!

Have a great weekend!!!!

With love, Marce

Indie Gift-A-Long day 7 & 8


Sorry about yesterday, I had a bussy day and I didn’t have time to make a proper post. So today, I will compensate with lots of great designers!!!

The designers I’m going to talk about, are those who contribute with their time to make the GAL2015 a great event. They are the cheerleaders and the brains behind the curtains. Because its many people.. I split them for today and tommorow..

Kimberly Golynskiy , she is a US designer her site is 80skeins. he also make me a interview in her blog tour around the world in 80 skeins. Her designs are beautiful and very and playful.. She have tons of amazing patterns for all ages and genders.


Aimee Alexander , she is a US designer and her site is Polka Dot Sheep. She has amazing colorwork patterns and very cute baby patterns as well. Love the red-camel color combo!!!


Denise Voie de Vie, she is a US designer and her site is Voie de Vie. She has very nice crochet patterns. Very classy and beautiful.. Love the afghan.. is in my list!!!


Jean Clement , she is a US designer, and her site is Desert Rose Fiber Arts. She has some very cool patterns for socks and shawls lovers.. I love the combinations of cable and lace of her patterns.


Allison LoCicero, she is a US designers and her site is Freckles & Purls. She have some very cool and beautiful lace shawls.. They are very feminine and minimalist… Love it..


Brenda Castiel, she is a US designer and her site is  Knit and Travel. she has some very interesting patterns with differents ways to make them..She has some very clever solutions for her patterns and the results are awesome!!!


Jessica K. Larson, she is a US designer and her label is GooseBearknits. I love her monochromatic designs.. They are great for those ombré hand dyed yarns!!


Kimberly Voisin, she is a US designer and her site is Wee Studio. She has the most lovely wee patterns!! I’m madly in love with her hats patterns!!!


Kate Vanover, she is a US designer and her site is Blogitating. She have very cool bag collection. So if you to tame the Opadoo you can’t miss her designs.


I hope you like the first half of the brains behind the curtains!!! Don’t forget the GAL discount is until tomorrow at midnight!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

With Love, Marce

Indie Gift-A-Long day 4


Days past super fast…But you have until friday to get a pattern with 25% discount!!!

Today I going to talk about the designer who put this event together. All the participant designers deserves some credit, but this 3 designers, put lots of effort to make a really nice and coordinate event for all of us.

Lindsay Lewchuck is a US designer and her site is KnitEcoChic . She have tons of beautiful patterns. Her patterns are easy to wear, timeless and they fits great in any kind of wardrobe.


Nina Machlin she a US designer and hesite is Nina Knits. Her designs are very minimalist and elegant with great details. With one of her patterns you can’t go wrong with your X-mas list.

Simone Kereit she is originally from Switzerland, but she lives now in the US. Her site is Owl Cat Designs and she also blogs about food an healthy lifestyle at Simple Healthy Homemade. her designs are beautiful.. I love how she use color in her designs. The patterns are classy, timeless and gorgeous!!!


There are  many other designer who really put lots of effort in this event, so my congrats to all of them too. Thank you to all the designer who participates and makes this GAL2015 rocks!

With love, Marce


Indie Gift-A-Long Day 3


Day 3 of the Gal!!!.. It has been so much fun!!!! I have my first FO.. But before I show you my FO, I’m going to talk about 4 interesting designers.

Nancy Whitman, she is US designer, and her site is WhitKnits. She have some amazing geometric shawl designs.. They are very interesting and georgeous!!! If you want to try something really different, you MUST try one of her designs.


Gabrielle Danskknit, she is a Canadian designer. She has beautiful babies and kids patterns.. Her pictures and designs are awesome!!! If you are looking patterns for babies or kids, she is your designer.


Elena Fedotova she is from Ukraine but now she is living in Montenegro and her site is A Cup Of Stitches. She is a crochet designer. I looove crochet an her designs are beautiful and classy. You will be tempted to try one!

GAL lena 04

And the last one for the day is Gege à la Gomme . She is a Canadian designer and her site is Gege a la Gomme. Her designs are colorful, trendy and sophisticated.. She also have some gorgeous men designs to rock your partner world!!!


I also want to show you my first FO of the GAL2015… I made the Silken Leaves Lace Hat from Loraine Birchall. Beautiful, easy to follow and well written pattern. I soo happy with the results!!!! I really love my FO!!!




Don’t you think that is a really nice pattern?!!

Hope you like the designers selection of today and my gorgeous FO!!!

With love, Marce



Indie Gift-A-Long 2015

Hi Knitters!!

Tonight start the Indie Gift-A-Long 2015 (GAL2015)!!! This event brings together independent designers from around the world in a big sale of patterns. For one week a great pattern selection is 25% off. Also includes Kals and games for the knitters and prizes for the winners.

This is a great opportunity for you to know new designers or buy that pattern you have queued for long time…

This year the list of designers is huge, over 300.. I will love to show you all, but is difficult.. I decided to post every day  different pattern that I really want to make.. I’m going to need more arms, minions or more hours a day, but I will do my best effort!!!!

Now the fun part!!!

Verdon Socks by Solene Le Roux , she a french designer with some great selections of pattern.. I love them all.. Worth checking her store!!!


First Snow Mittens By Knits’n’Pieces, she is an estonian designer. What a lovely pair of mittens!!! I’m so into colowork… Cant wait to cast on !!!


Silken Leaves Lace Hat by Loraine Birchall . She is a british designer.  I’m a fan of lace..And this hat is so beautiful… Also is a small project if you never tried lace…


Waverleaf by Ukeeknits, she is a Canadian designer. I love this shawl… Is a great design and you can use your leftover a make a really nice X-mas gift.


Moonlight & Tea bye Kelly Brooker. She is a New Zealander designer. This shawl is beautiful!!! It will work great with a varigated or selfstriped yarn!!!


The GAL2015 start today at 8:00 pm US EST until  Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59 pm US EST. To get the 25% of discount you have to enter the code giftalong2015. If you want to participate in the Kals and games to win prizes join us in the Indie Design Gift A Long group. I also have a bunch of designs on sale for this event, you can check them here.

Hope you like the pattern selection… See you in the Gal group!!!

With Love, Marce



Between Designs

Sometimes, between one design an other, I need to do something else, because a get stuck with the previous design and I need to change the switch. After the publication of my last design (Wheatfield Cardi), I decided to knit a very long time request from my Nanny and my Mother. They requested Vests for Winter. I didn’t really want to create a vest pattern, I just wanted to knit a vest.

Long time ago, I bought this beautiful book, New England Knits and I didn’t have the chance to make anything from it. This book has gorgeous patterns and they are really “timeless knitwear with a modern twist”. The pictures are lovely and show all the details of the patterns.


I remembered, it has a great vest with bulky yarn and lace, exactly what I needed… quick and beatiful!!! 🙂 So I started to knit Montague Bulky Lace Vest.

Montague02_medium2 Montgue01_medium2

What else can I say…. amazing pattern!!! great instructions, easy to follow, with great tips for  beginner knitters. It comes in 5 sizes ( 33.5, 38, 42, 46.5 and 51″) and with a very easy lace pattern.

Is so fast to knit, that I made 2 vest in one weekend, and I’m not a fast knitter at all.. 🙂 I made size 42 and size 51. For size 42 I used a local bulky yarn (3 skeins of reginella sport 100% lamb wool) in grey and for the size 51 I used 3 skeins of Juniper moon Willa (60%merino, 40% super kid mohair). With both yarns the lace pattern shows very well.

DSC01172 DSC01173

DSC01175 DSC01176

DSC01174 DSC01177

My Mother and Nanny loves the vest and really  wears them!! (very important fact…. if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read Knitted Gift). Now I’m working in a new design, so when I finish it I will knit the Chelsea skirt for my sister and I.


Cant wait!!!!!! 😀 😀

PS: you can buy this book in amazon or interwave store just for US 9.98 as an ebook