Tips for Save Money or Stay in Budget when you are knitting.

by changmarce

Hi Knitters!!

This couples of days I’ve been reorganizing my stash and I have lots of yarns that I forgot it was there.. I have to say, I love yarn and color and I buy for impulse, sometimes. But money doesn’t grow out of trees, so I want to share with you some tips to stay in budget (or save money for more yarn!!).

  1. Plan

First of all, is totally necessary planning your knitting. A long term planning saves money, time and helps you to not buy for impulse. How to do this? Make a list of what you want to knit in the next 6 months, you have to include all your knitting (X-mas knitting, selfish knitting, etc). The list has to be realistic on your speed of knitting, for example I can knit 2 sweaters or 5 accessories in a month. That’s all. At the same time check what patterns you want to make, do you need to buy it? did you bought it? I highly recommend start with the patterns you already bought and then you can add more patterns.

Knitting plan

2. Use you Stash

All knitters have a stash, that’s a fact! So, after you decide what patterns are you going to use and before you run to your LYS for new yarn,  look at your stash first. You can also trade some of your stash yarn with your knitting friends or through Ravelry for the yarn you need.

use your stash

3. Buying Yarn

Now that you have the list of patterns and yarns you already have.. You can start checking on the yarn you need to buy. In my example,  I have one pattern ready but I don’t have any Aran weight at my stash. What I can do? Looking at my stash, I know I have tons of Fingering weight yarns, so I can change the pattern and save money. Also I have time to check some yarns sales for about a month, meanwhile I start the other projects of my list.

Where are the yarns sales? many of the LYS and online yarn stores, run seasonal sales. Summer is a great season for yarn sales, because people tend to buy less yarn. Because you have a plan, you know what yarn and the amount you need so you can start digging on the sales. Also there is lots of discounts on Instagram from indie dyers worldwide.

Where to buy pattern sales? Indie Designers and Craft editorials are constantly running sales. Follow them on Instagram to look at the news they have, check their Ravelry accounts and Ravelry ads. Many of them are running summer sales also.

Download the knitting plan and start yours!! Hope this tips helps you with your yarn budget, see you soon!!

With love, Marce

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