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Month: July, 2016

My Favorites Knitting Podcast

Hi knitters!!!

Today I want to share with you about my favorites knitting podcast in YouTube. About why I watch them and why I really love them… All this podcast are in the same level of love.. This is not a ranking..

  1. Las Knitting Amigas


I love this podcast for several things. the first one is because is in spanish (Argentinian and Uruguayan spanish, but is spanish), all my knitting activities are in english, and it can be a little exhausting when you are not native…So this podcast is relaxing for me. Also is host by one of my favorite designers, Joji Locatelli and Veronica which is a great knitter and a very smart and happy person. This is my southamerican rockers knit stars!!! Also it came with lots of tips, new yarns, books reviews and fun… If you want to understand how we are as southamericans, you have to watch it.

If you want to practice spanish, this is a great podcast for you, if you are a spanish speaker, you CAN’T MISS IT (NO TE LO PIERDAS!!!)

2. Along the Lanes


She is a canadian girl living in London, and her podcast is amazing, is beautiful edited, interesting topics, lots of great tips.. not only about knitting, she talks about makes your life around crafts… spinning, painting, stamp… To make things on your own, to surprise the people you love. I really appreciate that she is very spontaneous and welcome.

3. The Next Beautiful Thing

th next beautiful thing

Before I catch this podcast,  I use to follow Carolyn Macpherson on Instagram because I am a real fan of her work.. I love her lovely lace shawls and her pictures… I didn’t know she has a podcast (I’m a little absentminded sometimes). But her podcast is amazingly fun. She is spontaneous, she have tons (really tons) of yarns, great yarns reviews. Also she share her knitting books and her stitch patterns books. She is adorable… Also I love that one of her sons always is participating in her podcast, and he is very funny.. you feel like you are knitting and drinking tea in her living room… Lovely podcast.

4. The Gentle Knitter


This podcast is totally different. She speaks calm and slowly but she is amazing. Lover her Instagram account. She is a sampler knitter for great designers as Jared Flood, Bristol Ivy, etc.. she have tons of knitting tips. I really love her voice tone.. is calming and the shooting is clean and welcome… For me, is a MUST SEE…

5. Arne & Carlos

Imagen sin título

They are a really knit stars..They have a YouTube channel full of projects and tips. I love their work and I’m grateful for all the free stuff they share on the channel. As an extra you can see their beautiful house and the flowers and plants they have… Its a lovely podcast, full of info and love…

6. Knitty Knits

knitty knits

This is Podcast host by Kate Heppell, she is the editor of Knit Now Magazine. I have a special  affection for her, because she was the first editor who believe that  a completely unknown designer of the end of the world  (Chile is at the end of the world) will accomplished the mission to finish a design for her magazine… before her acceptance I was totally in pain with lots of rejections. I’m grateful to death with her.. Anyways, what I love about her podcast, is the vision as an editor… If you want to know about what you need as a knitwear designer or what an editor wants for a submission this podcast is great… also she is very welcome, so you can ask anything (about knitwear, obviously) and she will answer you.. she is a very nice person.

7. Sockmatician


This podcast is host by Nathan Taylor, he is a UK designer and he specialise in double knitting (I’ve never tried it, but his designs makes me want to). I love men who knits… that’s great, that’s equality… also he is so interesting, the podcast is not only about knitting, is also about music and movies. He is sarcastic and lovely at the same time. Great podcast!

There is plenty of knitting podcast… you can find others.. this are the ones  I see frequently and I want to share with you… Hope you give it a chance…

With love, Marce

all the pictures belong to the podcasters






Make It Yours: Abloom Tee


I recently release Abloom Tee at Ravelry and I want to show some easy modifications you can make to the pattern.

Abloom is a simply Stockinette st tee with a lace border. So, one of the first mod you can do  is make it in stripes.. I recommend you, to start the stripes after the neck shaping, when you start knitting in the round again.

abloom tee stripped

you can play with color blocking or gradients, just look at your stash!

Other mod, is make it longer and convert the tee in a mini dress, for this just add more repeats of the lace border.


You can also do this in just one color. For example, make a little black dress.. Remember a pattern is just a guide, you can Make It Yours with very simple modifications!!!

With love, Marce