by changmarce


As some people know, #MeMadeMay starts. For those who doesn’t know what this is, this is a social media challenge to encourage you to make, mending or upcyclig your own clothes and also to wear them more. But, be careful, this is not a competition or something to encourage you to make lots of clothes.. you can show upciclyng clothes, or something you make long time ago…

Why to participate?

As a knitter, this kind of challenge helps me to see the wholes in my wardrobe and bring me inspiration to create designs to cover them. Also brings me a deadline to focus and the oportunity to show to more people my work.

But, what happens if you’re not a knitter designer? This challenge will help you to look your wardrobe with other eyes and save some money. You can see what clothes you can mend or upcycling, what garmets do you need to add. Maybe you can learn to sew or knitting, that is up to you!

I will run a 30% discount until may 31st, so you can join the party!!!!

Processed with VSCO

Click the picture to know what designs are on sale!!!!

Happy Knitting, and see you in Instagram!

With love, Marce