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Month: June, 2015

Between Designs

Sometimes, between one design an other, I need to do something else, because a get stuck with the previous design and I need to change the switch. After the publication of my last design (Wheatfield Cardi), I decided to knit a very long time request from my Nanny and my Mother. They requested Vests for Winter. I didn’t really want to create a vest pattern, I just wanted to knit a vest.

Long time ago, I bought this beautiful book, New England Knits and I didn’t have the chance to make anything from it. This book has gorgeous patterns and they are really “timeless knitwear with a modern twist”. The pictures are lovely and show all the details of the patterns.


I remembered, it has a great vest with bulky yarn and lace, exactly what I needed… quick and beatiful!!! 🙂 So I started to knit Montague Bulky Lace Vest.

Montague02_medium2 Montgue01_medium2

What else can I say…. amazing pattern!!! great instructions, easy to follow, with great tips for  beginner knitters. It comes in 5 sizes ( 33.5, 38, 42, 46.5 and 51″) and with a very easy lace pattern.

Is so fast to knit, that I made 2 vest in one weekend, and I’m not a fast knitter at all.. 🙂 I made size 42 and size 51. For size 42 I used a local bulky yarn (3 skeins of reginella sport 100% lamb wool) in grey and for the size 51 I used 3 skeins of Juniper moon Willa (60%merino, 40% super kid mohair). With both yarns the lace pattern shows very well.

DSC01172 DSC01173

DSC01175 DSC01176

DSC01174 DSC01177

My Mother and Nanny loves the vest and really  wears them!! (very important fact…. if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read Knitted Gift). Now I’m working in a new design, so when I finish it I will knit the Chelsea skirt for my sister and I.


Cant wait!!!!!! 😀 😀

PS: you can buy this book in amazon or interwave store just for US 9.98 as an ebook

Knitted Gift

When you knit, the people who know you, always (and I mean ALWAYS) asking you to make something for them, This petition presents, at least for me, a lot of questions:

1. Is she or he a woolly person? Sometimes, the people who ask you for a knitted gift never uses knitted things, and maybe our gift will be alone in the closet until next “charity closet give away”. And the truth, that will be a waste of time and money.

2.What is her taste on clothes, what style does she or he have? maybe you make a nice shawl, and she/he never wear it because she/he dont like shawls. (my mother has a lot of my shawls and never wears them, and she don’t want to gave them back, either)

3. How much money and effort are you willing to give away? that is very important, is not about being greedy, but if you´re like me, probably you have a lot of expensive yarn and its not easy to give it away.

4. This person deserve your effort? Not all the people who ask you to make a knitted gift worth. So if is not, please charge something, at least the yarn. You will feel better (believe me!)

After all this questions I made myself last X-mas, I decided to make slippers. Everybody loves slippers, there is plenty of patterns free and paid in Ravelry. It doesn’t take to much time, yo can use leftover yarns, is unisex, and the best thing, is the people really uses them.

My favorite pattern, at the moment, is Cadeautje from Ysolda. Its a genius pattern, easy to make (2days) and it came in a lot of sizes.

One of my BFF was on Birthday last week, so I make a pair to her..


I love them!!! and make a pair of them to my sister, brother in law and another BFF, last X-mas. They love them too.

So, when you knit something as a gift, make yourself this questions, before you start the Project, so your effort and money don’t be a waste.

Happy Kniiting!!!


I’m Back!!!

I havent written in a long time, I can give to you a lot of good excuses but the real one is I was too lazy to write. Shame on me!!!

Anyway, I have some patterns to share with you. The first one is Alegria Yoke Pullover.

Alegria is a seamless  pullover with a very easy and mindless colorwork yoke, quick to knit and comes in 10 sizes. I made it with some local yarn, but you can use any DK weight yarn with alpaca for substitution. The shape is very boxy, so you can use the pattern to knit an Alegria yoke to your husband, boyfriend or father if you want!!!

DSC00822 recortada DSC00755 recortada 2 DSC00797 recortada 2

The second one, is Wheathfield Cardi. This is a seamless bottom-up cardigan, with a great drape in the front. The back is plain Stockinette st, and the front have a lace pattern. I made it with beads, cause a I love how they brings glamour to the patterns. Sometimes,  we all need some glamour in our life. But you can do it without them and still be a beautiful pattern.

This pattern is 50% off until 30 of june 2015, with the promo code: SHINE

DSC01157-2 DSC01108-2DSC01113-2

Hope you like this patterns, I made them with love!!!! 🙂

Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!