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Month: September, 2014

Mango Lemon Shawl is Release!!!


Inspired in the summer season, those citric tones invite us to start the knitting season with warm and bright colors!!!

Is a very easy pattern, you can knit with friends with a glass of mimosa or mango lemon juice!!!


This Shawl is for those who already miss the summer. The colors remeber us, those sunny and endless days.

Pattern Details

Finished Measurements
82”/213 cm cm wingspan from tip to tip.
23”/58.5cm from CO to BO edge along the center.
940yds / 860m of Fingering Weight yarn.
Shown in
Araucania yarns – Ranco Sock yarn
(75%wool, 25% polyamide, 376yards/100gr per skein)
Color A: 1.5 skeins of color Blush #114
Color B: 1 skein of color Lime #102
1 set of 7US/ 4.5mm 24”/60cm circular needles.
Tapestry Neddle
22st = 4”/10cm in Garter st blocked. Take time to save time. Make the Gauge simple!



How to Choose a Pattern for Hand Dyed Yarn

Last day I was searching the web for new yarn for my stash and I found a lot of reviews from people who complain about the uneven color of their hand dyed yarns. Complains like they can’t do a determined pattern, or just have to change plans for a one skein pattern because of the color changes from skein to skein. So I decided to blog about how to choose a great pattern for your beautiful hand dyed or hand painted yarn. Here are some tricks:

Choose a Striped or color Blocking pattern

When you buy a hand dyed yarn brand,  who don’t have dyed lots like Madelintosh, you will get better results with a pattern like that instead of a plain color pattern. the color changes will be less notice for the eye. There is plenty of these patterns on ravelry, and they are equally beautiful. Here are some great patterns:

Japan Sleeves by Joji


Signature Stripes by Amy Miller


Enchanted Mesa by Westknits


Choose a Lace pattern

Lace pattern are great for this kind of yarn, the uneven colors makes great shadows in the knitting and your lace looks more interesting. Looks like it was by design. I encourage you to do this one skein dark, one skein bright, that will make some great striped shadows in your lace. There are plenty of great lace design on ravelry, here are some of my favorites:

Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu


Tripartite by WestKnits


Cropped Lace Jacket by Shiri Mor


Choose a Crochet Pattern or  a Modular Knitting pattern

I know that some knitters don’t like crochet and vice versa, but why not to try something different, something new, learn some new skills and get  something new to your wardrobe. The great thing about modular knitting or crochet, is that is knitted in small pieces, so you can carry in you bag almost all the time and you can take advantage of the free time you have at work, the bus, etc. Here are some inspirational patterns:

Wrapped Tunic by Robyn Chachula


Shetland Shawl Dress by Teva Durham


Octagon-Dot Pullover by Myrrhia Resneck


If you are stubborn as I am, maybe you don’t want to change the pattern or the yarn and still trying to make that plain color pattern with a lot of stockinette. For that you can make this trick:

1. Put the yarn in day light and separates de skeins in light and dark tones. (always buy one skein more than that you needed, so you can have more tones)

2. Choose one dark and one light yarn and start to knit.

3. Work 2 rows in dark and 2 rows in the lighter skein. Continue the knitting alternating the skeins 2 rows by 2 rows.

This never will be a solid color as if you were knitting with a industrial dyed yarn, remember is HAND DYED yarn. But you will get a nice color with this trick.  Your knitting it would look like this:

Hay Cardigan by Vera Välimäki


Hope you like this post and found it helpful for your next knitting Project!!!

See you soon, Happy Knitting!